Generative AI Lab Release Notes 6.2.1



Release date: 06-19-2024


  • Add a feature to Save Credentials while importing projects from cloud


  • Section Classifier server should be deleted when idle for a long time

Bug Fixes

  • User is not able to see relations arrows before completion is submitted
  • Submission confirmation dialog box appears behind the task content
  • Unnecessary Scroll Bar appears in labeling page allowing scroll to blank area
  • Unnecessary scroll bar appears in the Labeling Page
  • SBA enabled Visual tasks are not accessible for Visual NER and Visual Classification Projects
  • Users are not able to Re-import exported files for Image/PDF projects along with other supported filetypes
  • Users cannot update the XML for Project Configuration from “Code” page
  • Internal Server Error while creating dictionary based Rules
  • Pre-annotation results are not showing for SBA enabled Visual Classification projects


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