NLP Lab Release Notes 5.9.1



Release date: 03-15-2024


  • User should only be able to pair resolver with models of the same domain for pre-annotation


  • Firefox issue: CSV task import fails
  • File with empty field is downloaded when, tasks without completions are exported as CSV
  • Users that were created and assigned admin role cannot be deleted
  • Generic error messsage “Invalid bucket file path” is seen while importing the valid unsupported file types and invalid bucket/blob files
  • Adding an external prompt to a project doesn’t automatically integrate the project with the external prompt after the first time
  • Status of playground is displayed as ‘Busy’ in cluster page even if the playground server is in ‘Pending’ state
  • Texts aren’t labeled when testing external Prompts
  • When multiple Lookup datasets are associated with different labels, the list shows “undefined” while trying to add the look up code to text during annotation.
  • Lookup codes cannot be added for texts that span over multiple line
  • When a label for a text is changed, then the new label is automatically assigned to next text that is selected.


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