Workflow Setup


When a team of people work together on a large annotation project, the tasks can be organized into a multi-step workflow for an easier management of the team collaboration. This is also necessary when the project has strict requirements on the labels: e.g. the same document must be labeled by multiple annotators; the annotations must be checked by a senior annotator.

In this situation, a workflow can be setup using the task tagging functionality provided by the Annotation Lab. Then can be used for splitting work across the team but also for differentiating between first-level annotators and second-level reviewers.

A full audit trail is kept on each action performed by all actors. Each saved entry is stored along with an authenticated user and a time stamp, and the user interface includes a visual comparison between versions.

To add a tag, select a task and press Tags > Add more. Tasks can be filtered by tags, making it easier to identify, for example, which documents are completed and which ones need to be reviewed.

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