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John Snow Labs' NLP & LLM ecosystem include software libraries for state-of-the-art AI at scale, Responsible AI, No-Code AI, and access to over 40,000 models for Healthcare, Legal, Finance, and Vis...

Natively Python

Seamless integration of John Snow Labs' ecosystem with common Python libraries.

Powerful One-Liners

10,000+ models in 250+ languages are at your fingertips with one line of code.

Open Source

Open Source software, widely deployed, back by an active community.

Powered by the most widely used NLP library in the enterprise

Gradient Flow NLP Survey, 2021.


!pip install johnsnowlabs

nlp.load('ner').predict("Dr. John Snow is a British physician born in 1813")

entities entities_class entities_confidence
0 John Snow PERSON 0.9746
0 British NORP 0.9928
0 1813 DATE 0.5841

nlp.load('sentiment').predict("Well this was easy!")

entities entities_class entities_confidence
0 Well this was easy! pos 0.999901

Quick and Easy

Available on PyPI and Conda.
Install JohnSnowLabs

Complete NLP Ecosystem

Spark NLP

Open-Source text processing library for Python, Java, and Scala. It provides production-grade, scalable, and trainable versions of the latest research in natural language processing.

NLP Display

Open-Source Python library for visualizing the annotations generated with Spark NLP.

NLP Test

Deliver safe and effective models with an open-source library by generating & running over 50 test types on the most popular NLP libraries & tasks.

Generative AI Lab

The Most Widely Used Human-in-the-loop Tool by Enterprise AI Teams

Healthcare NLP

State-of-the-Art NLP Library for understanding clinical and biomedical text.

Finance NLP

State-of-the-Art NLP Library for understanding financial documents.

Legal NLP

State-of-the-Art NLP Library for understanding legal documents.

Visual NLP

Visual document understanding library for extracting information from images, scanned documents, PDFs, DOCX, and DICOM files.

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