Rule based annotation is supported by Healthcare NLP, Finance NLP, and Legal NLP via the ContextualParser Annotator. Generative AI Lab supports creating and using rules in a NER project using any one of these libraries with the presence of valid license.

Users in the Admins group can see and edit the available rules on the Rules page under the Models Hub menu. Users can create new rules using the + Add Rules button. Users can also import and export the rules.

There are two types of rules supported:

  • Regex Based: Users can define a regex that will be used to label all possible hit chunks and label them as the target entity. For example, for labeling height entity the following regex can be used [0-7]'((0?[0-9])|(1(0|1)))''. All hits found in the task’s text content that match the regex are pre-annotated as height.

  • Dictionary-Based: Users can define and upload a CSV dictionary of keywords that cover the list of chunks that should be annotated as a target entity. For example, for the label female, all occurrences of strings woman, lady, and girl within the text content of a given task will be pre-annotated as female.

After adding a rule, the Project Owner or Manager can add the rule to the configuration of the project where they want to use it. This can be done from the Rules screen of the Project Configuration step on the Project Setup page. A valid Healthcare, Finance or Legal NLP license is required to deploy rules as a pre-annotation server after completing the project configuration step.

The user is notified every time a rule in use is edited with the message “Redeploy preannotation server to apply these changes” on the Edit Rule form.

Import and Export Rules

Generative AI Lab allows importing and exporting Rules from the Rules page.

Import Rules

Users can import rules from the Rules page. The rules can be both dictionary based or regex based. The rules can be imported in the following formats:

  1. JSON file or content.
  2. Zip archive of JSON file/s.


Export Rules

To export any rule, the user need to select the available rules and click on Export Rules button. Rules are then downloaded as a zip file. The zip file contains the JSON file for each rule. These exported rules can again be imported to Generative AI Lab.


The following blog posts explain how to create and use rules for jump starting your annotation projects:

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