The Image tag shows an image on the page. Use it for all image annotation tasks to display an image on the labeling interface. The name and value parameters in the Image tag are mandatory.

Suppose you have an image sample in a JSON file as shown.

    "image": "/static/samples/sample.jpg",
    "title": "MyTestTitle"

There are many templates within image annotation to choose from. Visual NER and Image classification are the most used among all.

Image Classification

This task mainly uses the Image and Choices tags. You can optionally provide headers to the choices using the Headers tag.


Visual NER Labeling

To label entities in an image, you need to create rectangular labels spanning across the entity to be labeled. To enable this, you have to use RectangleLabels tag that creates labeled rectangles.They are used to apply labels to bounding box semantic segmentation tasks. The name and toName parameters are mandatory.


The zoom and zoomControl parameters in the Image tag enable you too zoom in or out the image.

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