Bring Your Own License


By default the Annotation Lab allows access to community pretrained models and embeddings. Those are available on the Models Hub page. In order to gain access to licensed resources (e.g. pretrained models and embeddings) admin users can import a Spark NLP for Healthcare license which will activate additional features:

  • access to licensed models for preannotation
  • access to healthcare embeddings
  • access to training custom models using licensed embeddings

Admin users can upload a Spark NLP license json file by visiting the License page. The expected format for license the one generated by John Snow Labs license server. Once a valid license is uploaded, all the licensed/Healthcare models and embeddings become available for download. The License page shows the history of license uploads with detailed information like License Issued Date, Expiry Date, and Remaining Days of each upload.

Admin users will see License expiry warnings in the Menu List if any license is approaching the expiry date or has expired.

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