Generative AI Lab Release Notes 6.1.2



Release date: 05-29-2024

Bug Fixes

  • Tasks page refresh multiple times for the Visual NER project
  • Tasks imported with OCR Server cannot be accessed for RatePDF Project Type
  • “Horizontal Sticky Layout” for labels is not working after certain characters in Labeling page
  • Error Occurs When Viewing Sample Task Exported and Re-imported in Image Classification
  • Image Classification and Bbox detection projects cannot be exported when imported sample task is present in project
  • API to assign group to a project is missing on API Integration page
  • Users cannot import pdf files via URL for custom project configuration


  • Restrict users from adding Lookup Codes and Resolver Codes in labels in Visual NER Project
  • Supervisor and annotator role user should not see ClientId and SecretKey values in API Integration page


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