NLP Lab Release Notes 5.7.1



Release date: 12-27-2023


  • Dynamic Task Pagination: Validation message to be shown when the character/page count exceeds the system limit

Bug Fixes

  • Compact View: While making quick submissions, the last made submission is not always the final starred completion.
  • Compact View: “Classify in Place” turns off at times automatically when moving to any other page
  • Compact View: Clicking the same multi-select Classification option multiple times submits a blank submission with a 500 Error
  • Compact View: Using the “Focus on one classifier” settings malfunctions at times
  • Compact View: For single classifier project the options are listed in single row
  • Compact View: Using the “Focus on one classifier” settings malfunctions at times
  • Filter pre-annotations according to my latest completion
  • The “Eye” Icon placement is dependent on the annotated Text width
  • Undo/Redo/Reset buttons does not work for manually created sections
  • Compact View settings is still available (but won’t apply) even when the classifications models are removed from the project
  • PDF cannot be imported to Rate PDF project
  • When trying to perform annotations on image task with SBA, the page crashes
  • Exception is seen when exporting project
  • No tasks are listed when user navigates from other pages to task page with compact view is enabled
  • Visual NER models added to Visual NER Project Config is added in a separate tags with wrong attributes
  • Task import in NER project is failing and giving can’t upload file on server side error


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