NLP Lab Release Notes 5.6.1



Release date: 05-12-2023


  • Now in Compact View, the Task ID and pre-annotation statuses are show as in default task view
  • The Show Meta in Regions is disabled by default for new projects
  • Updated Icons for tools in the Labeling page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue regarding creations of sections according to the users need in text project.
  • “Only Ground Truth” filter exports tasks with only predictions without any ground truth completions.
  • “Preview Window” is stuck on loading when switching between different project “Content types”
  • When “label all occurrence is enabled”, Label and Region selection parameters in annotation settings are ignored.
  • User must select a model in order to save project configuration in Reuse Resource page
  • Visual NER pre-annotation does not recognize numbers
  • Prompts/Rules disappear when adding or viewing them from re-use resources page (Only on the UI)
  • Error in Reuse Resource page when user navigates to the page after submitting the task
  • When comment is added to a task, the page crashes with “Something went wrong”


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