NLP Lab Release Notes 5.5.1



Release date: 10-13-2023

We are delighted to announce release of NLP Lab 5.5.1

Additional Meta Data on NER Label

In an NER project, users have the capability to include multiple pieces of metadata for each extraction. While annotating a text document, users can now incorporate metadata in either the “String” or “Key Value” format. It is now possible to attach multiple entries of metadata to a single label during the annotation process.


Bug Fixes:

  • Eliminated the occurrence of multiple entries of the same model in the models.json file across all containers (annotation, training, pre-annotation).
  • Addressed a problem where deploying a free rule in the playground and performing pre-annotation resulted in a server crash.
  • Resolved the issue where the “Remove Duplicates” button is now accessible exclusively to users with the role of “Annotator.”


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