Generative AI Lab Release Notes 6.0.2



Release date: 04-16-2024


  • Fixed inconsistency in the behavior of Next and Previous Button tasks
  • “Continuous Server Usage” warning is only shown when idle servers are present on the cluster page

Bug Fixes

  • List of Lookup codes pop-up is not visible when the user opens the pop-up from the bottom of the labeling page
  • Embeddings parameter can be changed after selecting model in Transfer learning dropdown
  • When transfer learning is selected, the user should not be able to change the automatically selected license and embedding parameters
  • Large annotated chunks are separated in UI based on previously selected chunks
  • PayG license is not listed in the License import popup list
  • Restored Airgap and Floating Licenses from non-AMI instance are Working in 600 AMI
  • Label Names are lost when saving/updating completions if “Show Meta in regions” is enabled


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