NLP Lab Release Notes 5.2.3



Release date: 10-08-2023

We are pleased to announce the release of v5.2.3 which includes the following bug fixes:

  • Text Generation Error Removal: Resolved an issue where there was no option to remove text generations with errors from the Result section.
  • CSV Download Retry: Fixed the problem with CSV download for generated tasks, which was failing on the first attempt after correcting an invalid secret key.
  • Exported Failed Tasks: Addressed the problem where failed generated tasks were being exported as blank tasks in the CSV file. These blank tasks could also be imported, which has been rectified.
  • Unauthorized Page Navigation: Users were encountering an “Unauthorized” page when attempting to navigate to the configuration page. This issue has been resolved, and users can now access the configuration page without any problem.
  • Scheduled Synthetic Dag: The generation of synthetic Dags was erroneously scheduled even if the feature was disabled. This behavior has been fixed, and synthetic Dags will now respect the disabled setting.
  • Ad-hoc Task Generation: Corrected the issue where ad-hoc synthetic tasks were not being generated for projects with long names.
  • UI Crash on History Button Click: Resolved a production UI crash that occurred when users clicked on the History button on the train page when the trained failed due to max server count.
  • Firefox Compatibility: Fixed the problem where importing generated tasks was not functioning correctly in the Firefox browser.
  • Visual NER Project Export: Fixed a 500 Error that was preventing the export of tagged Visual NER tasks.


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