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Understand Entities in Context - Live Demos & Notebooks

Identify Competitors in a text
This model uses Assertion Status to identify if a PRODUCT or an ORG is mentioned to be a competitor. (...)
Identify Past Work Experience
This model uses Assertion Status to identify if a mention to an Organization, Job Title or Date is about the past. (...)
Detect Temporality and Certainty in Financial texts
This demo shows how to use Assertion Status to identify if financial information is described to happen in present, past, future or it’s just possible. (...)
Financial Assertion Status (Negation)
This is a Financial Negation model, aimed to identify if an NER entity is mentioned in the context to be negated or not. (...)
Understand Increased or Decreased Amounts and Percentages in Context
This demo shows how to use the Assertion Status model to identify if a mentioned amount or percentage is stated to be increased or decreased in context. (...)
Financial NER on Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
This NER model identifies entities that can be associated with a financial sentiment. The model is designed to be used with the associated Assertion Status model that classifies the entities into a sentiment category. (...)