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Financial Document Understanding - Live Demos & Notebooks

Classify Financial Documents
This demo shows how to classify finance documents using text and layout data with the new features offered by Spark OCR. (...)
Extract Data from Scanned Invoices
Detect companies, total amounts and dates in scanned invoices using out of the box Spark OCR models. (...)
Form Recognition
This demo shows how to perceive data in forms as key-value pairs. (...)
Financial Visual Question Answering
Ask questions to financial documents in image format and get answers without any OCR involved. (...)
Extract tables and ask questions in Natural Language about Financial Reports
This demo showcases how to use Visual NLP to extract tables and Finance NLP Table Question Answering to retrieve answers to questions asked in Natural Language. (...)
Finance Visual QA in IDS
Ask questions about ID documents, including ID Cards, Passports, and Driving Licenses in image format, and get answers without any OCR involved. (...)
Financial Visual NER on Receipts
This demo shows how to carry out Visual NLP for NER purposes on Receipts. (...)
Analyze 10K Filings with Visual NER
This demo showcases the power of Visual NER in analyzing financial documents, specifically 10K filings. (...)