Spark NLP in Action

Spark NLP - English Recognize Entities 
Recognize entities in text
Recognize Persons, Locations, Organizations and Misc entities using out of the box pretrained Deep Learning models based on GloVe (glove_100d) and BERT (ner_dl_bert) word embeddings.
Recognize more entities in text
Recognize over 18 entities such as Countries, People, Organizations, Products, Events, etc. using an out of the box pretrained NerDLApproach trained on the OntoNotes corpus.
Detect Key Phrases
Automatically detect key phrases in your text documents using out-of-the-box Spark NLP models.
Find a text in a document
Finds a text in document either by keyword or by regex expression.
Detect and normalize dates
Automatically detect key phrases expressing dates and normalize them with respect to a reference date.
Detect wide-ranging entities in the Market (Few-NERD)
Detect 66 general entities such as art, newspaper, director, war, airport etc., using pretrained Spark NLP NER model.
Detect Entities in tweets
This demo shows how to extract Named Entities, as PER, ORG or LOC, from tweets.