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Explore Oncology Notes with Spark NLP Models
This demo shows how oncological terms can be detected using Spark NLP Healthcare NER, Assertion Status, and Relation Extraction models. (...)
Identify Anatomical and Oncology entities related to different Treatments and Diagnosis from Clinical Texts
This demo shows how to extract more than 40 Oncology-related entities including those related to Cancer diagnosis, Staging information, Tumors, Lymph Nodes, and Metastases. Also shows how to extract entities related to Oncology Therapies, Mentions of Treatments, posology information, Tumor Size, Cancer Therapies, and anatomical entities using pretrained Spark NLP clinical models. (...)
Identify Tests, Biomarkers, and their Results
This demo shows how to extract entities Pathology Tests, Imaging Tests, mentions of Biomarkers, and their results from clinical texts using pretrained Spark NLP clinical models. (...)
Identify Demographic Information from Oncology Texts
This demo shows how to extract Demographic information, Age, Gender, and Smoking status from oncology texts. (...)
Detect Assertion Status from Clinics Entities
This demo shows how to detect the assertion status of entities related to oncology (including diagnoses, therapies, and tests), and if a demographic entity refers to the patient or someone else. (...)
Detect Relation Extraction between different Oncological entity types
This demo shows how to identify relations between Clinical entities, Tumor mentions, Anatomical entities, Tests, Biomarkers, Anatomical Entities, Tumor Size, Tumor Finding, Date, and their corresponding using pretrained Oncology Relation Extraction (RE) models. (...)
Resolve Oncology terminology using the ICD-O taxonomy
This model maps oncology terminology to ICD-O codes using Entity Resolvers. (...)
Bert For Sequence Classification (Biomarker)
This model is a sentence classification system based on BioBERT that is capable of identifying if clinical sentences contain terms associated with biomarkers. (...)
Oncological Response to Treatment for Classification
This model is intended to detect oncological responses to treatments in clinical notes. (...)
Classify Complaints about Healthcare Facilities
This demo classifies google reviews of various healthcare facilities. (...)
Multilabel Classification For Hallmarks of Cancer
This demo semantically classifies an article based on its abstract, specifically related to the hallmarks of cancer. (...)