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Classify Documents - Live Demos & Notebooks

Classify documents
Classify open-domain, fact-based questions into one of the following broad semantic categories Abbreviation, Description, Entities, Human Beings, Locations or Numeric Values (...)
Identify Fake news
Determine if news articles are Real of Fake. (...)
Detect Spam messages
Automatically identify messages as being regular messages or Spam. (...)
Detect toxic content in comments
Automatically detect identity hate, insult, obscene, severe toxic, threat or toxic content in SM comments using our out-of-the-box Spark NLP Multiclassifier DL. (...)
Detect sarcastic tweets
Checkout our sarcasm detection pretrained Spark NLP model. It is able to tell apart normal content from sarcastic content. (...)
Identify Antisemitic Texts
This demo shows how to identify if a text contains antisemitic content or not. (...)
Identify Hate Speech Texts
This model identifies if the text contains Hate speech, Offensive, Normal contents. (...)
Classify English News
This demo shows how to classify English news into World, Sports, Business or Sci/Tech categories. (...)