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Classify Financial Documents - Live Demos & Notebooks

ESG News Classification
This demo showcases ESG news classification, with 3-classes and 27-classes ESG models. (...)
Financial News Classification
This model classifies financial news using multilabel categories. (...)
Identify topics about banking
This demo shows how to classify banking-related texts into 77 categories. (...)
Classify Customer Support tickets (banking)
This model classifies the topic/class of a complaint about a bank-related product. (...)
Forward Looking Statements Classification
This demo shows how you can detect Forward Looking Statements in Financial Texts, as 10K filings or annual reports. (...)
Analyze sentiment in financial news
This demo shows how sentiment can be identified (neutral, positive or negative) in financial news. (...)
Receipt Binary Classification
This demo shows how to use ViT, a Visual Transformer, to identify receipts vs no receipts in an image corpus. (...)