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Extract Legal Relationships - Live Demos & Notebooks

Legal Zero-shot Relation Extraction
This demo shows how you can carry out Relation Extraction without training any model, just with some textual examples. (...)
Extract Relations between Parties in agreements
This model uses Deep Learning Name Entity Recognition and a Relation Extraction models to extract the document type (DOC), the Effective Date (EFFDATE), the PARTIES in an agreement and their ALIAS (separate and collectively). (...)
Extract Syntactic Relationships in Legal sentences
This demo shows how legal sentence elements can be accessed using syntactic relationships (dependency parser). (...)
Extract Entities in Indemnification Clauses
This demo shows how to extract the Subject (who), Action (verb), Object (what) and Indirect Object (to whom) in Indemnification clauses. (...)
Relation Extraction from Notice Clause
This demo shows how to extract relations between entities as NOTICE_PARTY, NAME, TITLE, ADDRESS, EMAIL, etc. from notice clauses. (...)