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Extract Financial Relationships - Live Demos & Notebooks

Financial Zero-shot Relation Extraction
This demo shows how you can carry out Relation Extraction without training any model, just with some textual examples. (...)
Extract Relations between Organizations, Products and their Aliases
This model uses Entity Recognition to identify ORG (Companies), PRODUCT (Products) and their ALIAS in financial documents. (...)
Extract Acquisition and Subsidiary Relationships
This demo shows how to extract Acquisition and Subsidiary relations from ORG (Companies), ALIAS (Aliases of companies in an agreement) and PRODUCT (Products). (...)
Extract Relationships About People's Job Experiences
This demo shows how you can group together entities as PERSON, DATE, ORG (Organizations) and ROLE (job titles) to understand present and past job experiences of employees. (...)
Financial Relation Extraction on 10K filings
This model extracts relations between amounts, counts, percentages, dates and the financial entities extracted with `finner_financial` models. (...)