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Classify Legal Texts - Live Demos & Notebooks

Classify hundreds types of clauses (Binary - clause detected or not)
These models check for specific clauses in legal texts, returning them (for example, "investments", "loans", etc. ) or “other” if the clause was not found. (...)
Classify 15 types of clauses (Multilabel)
Using Multilabel Document Classification, where several classes can be assigned to a text, this demo will analyse and provide the best class or classes given an input text. This demo can be used to detect relevant clauses in a legal text. (...)
Classify Judgements Clauses
These models analyze and identify if a clause is a decision, talks about a legal basis, a legitimate purpose, etc. and if an argument has been started by the ECHR, Commission/Chamber, the State, Third Parties, etc. (...)
Classify Document into their Legal Type
This demo shows how to classify long texts / documents into a subsample of 8 different types. (...)
Classify Swiss Judgements Documents
This demo shows how to classify Swiss Judgements documents in English, German, French, Italian into Civil Law, Insurance Law, Public Law, Social Law, Penal Law or Other. (...)