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Labs, Tests, and Vitals - Live Demos & Notebooks

Detect demographics and vital signs using rules
Automatically detect demographic information as well as vital signs using our out-of-the-box Spark NLP Contextual Rules. Custom rules are very easy to define and run on your own data. (...)
Detect lab results
Automatically identify Lab test names and Lab results from clinical documents using our pretrained Spark NLP model. (...)
Detect clinical events
Automatically identify a variety of clinical events such as Problems, Tests, Treatments, Admissions or Discharges, in clinical documents using two of our pretrained Spark NLP models. (...)
Identify gender using context and medical records
Identify gender of a person by analyzing signs and symptoms using pretrained Spark NLP Classification model. (...)
Extract neurologic deficits related to NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS)
This demo shows how neurologic deficits can be extracted in accordance with their NIH Stroke Scale using a Spark NLP Healthcare NER model. (...)
Identify relations between scale items and measurements according to NIHSS
This demo shows how relations between scale items and their measurements can be identified according to NIHSS guidelines using a Spark NLP Healthcare RE model. (...)