Spark NLP in Action

Spark NLP for Healthcare Analyze non-English Medical Text
ICD10 coding for German
Automatically detect the pre and post op diagnosis, signs and symptoms in your German healthcare records and automatically link them to the corresponding ICD10-CM code using Spark NLP for Healthcare out of the box.
Detect symptoms, treatments and other NERs in German
Automatically identify entities such as symptoms, diagnoses, procedures, body parts or medication in German clinical text using the pretrained Spark NLP clinical model ner_healthcare.
Detect legal entities in German
Automatically identify entities such as persons, judges, lawyers, countries, cities, landscapes, organizations, courts, trademark laws, contracts, etc. in German legal text using the pretrained Spark NLP models ner_legal.
Detect traffic information in text
Automatically extract geographical location, postal codes, and traffic routes in German text using our pretrained Spark NLP model.
Detect Diagnoses And Procedures In Spanish
Automatically identify diagnoses and procedures in Spanish clinical documents using the pre-trained Spark NLP clinical model.
HPO coding - Spanish
Entity Resolver for Human Phenotype Ontology in Spanish
Named Entity Recognition for (Brazilian) Portuguese Legal Texts
Recognize Organization, Jurisprudence, Legislation, Person, Location, and Time in legal texts (Brazilian Portuguese) using pre-trained Spark NLP model with Bert Embeddings
Detect professions and occupations in Spanish texts
Automatically identify professions and occupations entities in Spanish texts using our pretrained Spark NLP for Healthcare model.
Detect Tumor Characteristics in Spanish medical texts
This demo shows how tumor characteristics (morphology) in Spanish medical texts can be detected automatically using Spark NLP NER model.