John Snow Labs Configurations


Installed Library Version Settings

Each version of the John Snow Labs library comes with a hardcoded set of versions for very of product of the John Snow Labs company.
It will not accept library secrets which correspond to versions do not match the settings. This essentially prevents you from installing outdated or new but not deeply tested libraries, or from shooting yourself in the foot you might say.

You can work around this protection mechanism, by configuring nlp.settings.enforce_versions=False. This will ignore bad secret versions.

from johnsnowlabs import *

John Snow Labs Home Cache Folder

The John Snow Labs library maintains a home folder in ~/.johnsnowlabs which contains all your Licenses, Jars for Java and Wheels for Python to install and run any feature. Additionally, each directory has an info.json file, telling you more about Spark compatibility, Hardware Targets and versions of the files.

   ├─ licenses/
   │  ├─ info.json
   │  ├─ license1.json
   │  ├─ license2.json
   ├─ java_installs/
   │  ├─ info.json
   │  ├─ app1.jar
   │  ├─ app2.jar
   ├─ py_installs/
   │  ├─ info.json
   │  ├─ app1.tar.gz
   │  ├─ app2.tar.gz
   ├─ info.json

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