Medical Chatbot


Join the Waiting List and start chating with John, a Medical Chatbot powered by John Snow Labs Healthcare GPT that explains its answers, cites references, updates medical knowledge daily, and lets you process your own data into custom knowledge bases.

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What Makes this AI Different?

Healthcare Specific LLM

john snow labs annotation lab

  • Proprietary Medical Large Language Model
  • Medical Conversations
  • Safeguards
  • Prevent Hallucinations

Up to Date Knowledge

john snow labs annotation lab

  • Explainable Results
  • Cite & Explore References
  • Medical Knowledge Bases
  • Daily Updates
  • Target Knowledge Bases

Scalable & Customizable

john snow labs annotation lab

  • SaaS or On Premise
  • Designed to Scale
  • Works on Your Documents
  • Role Based Access
  • Team Management
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