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Type Members

  1. case class AnnotationDefinition(from_name: Option[String], id: Option[String], source: Option[String], to_name: Option[String], type: String, value: Option[AnnotationValue], direction: Option[String], from_id: Option[String], to_id: Option[String]) extends Serializable with Product
  2. class AnnotationToolJsonReader extends CheckLicense

    The annotation tool json reader is a reader that generate a assertion train set from the json from annotations labs exports.

  3. case class AnnotationValue(start: Option[Int], end: Option[Int], text: Option[String], labels: Option[List[String]], choices: Option[List[String]]) extends Serializable with Product
  4. case class AnnotationValueChoices(choices: List[String]) extends Serializable with Product
  5. case class AnnotationValueLabel(start: Int, end: Int, text: String, labels: List[String]) extends Serializable with Product
  6. class CantemistReader extends AnyRef
  7. class CodiEspReader extends AnyRef
  8. case class CompletionDefinition(id: Long, created_username: String, result: Seq[AnnotationDefinition], created_ago: Option[String], lead_time: Option[Double]) extends Serializable with Product
  9. case class NerAnnotationDefinition(from_name: String, id: String, to_name: String, type: String, value: AnnotationValue) extends Serializable with Product
  10. case class RelAnnotationDefinition(from_id: String, to_id: String, direction: String, type: String) extends Serializable with Product
  11. case class TaskDataDefinition(text: String, title: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable
  12. case class TaskDefinition(id: Long, data: TaskDataDefinition, completions: Seq[CompletionDefinition], created_at: Option[String], created_by: Option[String], title: Option[String]) extends Serializable with Product
  13. case class TaskReader() extends Product with Serializable
  14. case class TokenRow(task_id: Long, begin: Int, end: Int, token: String, label: String, sentence: String) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object AnnotationToolJsonReader
  2. object UDFHelper