Legal Applicable Law Clause Binary Classifier


This model is a Binary Classifier (True, False) for the applic_law clause type. To use this model, make sure you provide enough context as an input. Adding Sentence Splitters to the pipeline will make the model see only sentences, not the whole text, so it’s better to skip it, unless you want to do Binary Classification as sentence level.

If you have big legal documents, and you want to look for clauses, we recommend you to split the documents using any of the techniques available in our Legal NLP Workshop Tokenization & Splitting Tutorial (link here), namely:

  • Paragraph splitting (by multiline);
  • Splitting by headers / subheaders;
  • etc.

Take into consideration the embeddings of this model allows up to 512 tokens. If you have more than that, consider splitting in smaller pieces (you can also check the same tutorial link provided above).

This model can be combined with any of the other “hundreds” of Legal Clauses Classifiers you will find in Models Hub, getting as an output a series of True/False values for each of the legal clause model you have added.

Predicted Entities

applic_law, other

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How to use

document_assembler = nlp.DocumentAssembler()\
embeddings = nlp.BertSentenceEmbeddings.pretrained("sent_bert_base_cased", "en")\
doc_classifier = legal.ClassifierDLModel.pretrained("legclf_applic_law_clause", "en", "legal/models")\
nlpPipeline = nlp.Pipeline(stages=[
df = spark.createDataFrame([["YOUR TEXT HERE"]]).toDF("text")

model =

result = model.transform(df)



Model Information

Model Name: legclf_applic_law_clause
Compatibility: Legal NLP 1.0.0+
License: Licensed
Edition: Official
Input Labels: [sentence_embeddings]
Output Labels: [class]
Language: en
Size: 22.6 MB


Legal documents, scrapped from the Internet, and classified in-house


       label  precision    recall  f1-score   support
  applic_law       1.00      0.95      0.97        20
       other       0.93      1.00      0.96        13
    accuracy          -         -      0.97        33
   macro-avg       0.96      0.97      0.97        33
weighted-avg       0.97      0.97      0.97        33