Obligations Pipeline


IMPORTANT: Don’t run this model on the whole legal agreement. Instead:

  • Split by paragraphs. You can use notebook 1 in Finance or Legal as inspiration;
  • Use the legclf_cuad_obligations_clause Text Classifier to select only these paragraphs;

This is a Pretrained Pipeline to process agreements, more specifically the sentences where all the obligations of the parties are expressed (what they agreed upon in the contract).

This pipeline returns:

  • NER entities for the subject, the action/verb, the object and the indirect object of the clause;
  • Syntactic dependencies of the chunks, so that you can disambiguate in case different clauses/agreements are present in the same sentence.

This model does not include a Sentence Detector, it executes everything at document-level. If you want to split by sentences, do it before and call this pipeline with the text of the sentences.

Predicted Entities


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How to use

from johnsnowlabs import *

deid_pipeline = PretrainedPipeline("legpipe_obligations", "en", "legal/models")

deid_pipeline.annotate('The Supplier agrees to provide the Buyer with all the necessary documents to fulfill the agreement')

# Return NER chunkcs

# Visualize the Dependencies

dependency_vis = viz.DependencyParserVisualizer()

dependency_vis.display(pipeline_result[0], #should be the results of a single example, not the complete dataframe.
                       pos_col = 'pos', #specify the pos column
                       dependency_col = 'dependencies', #specify the dependency column
                       dependency_type_col = 'dependency_type' #specify the dependency type column



 'agrees to provide',
 'with all the necessary documents to fulfill the agreement']

# Use Spark NLP Display to see the dependency tree

Model Information

Model Name: legpipe_obligations
Type: pipeline
Compatibility: Legal NLP 1.0.0+
License: Licensed
Edition: Official
Language: en
Size: 435.9 MB


In-house annotations on CUAD dataset

Included Models

  • nlp.DocumentAssembler
  • nlp.Tokenizer
  • nlp.PerceptronModel
  • nlp.DependencyParserModel
  • nlp.TypedDependencyParserModel
  • legal.BertForTokenClassification
  • nlp.NerConverter