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In English

Natural language understanding at scale with spaCy and Spark NLP

We were at Strata San Jose (O'Reilly and Cloudera sponsored) this year!

Spark NLP in action: Improving patient flow forecasting at Kaiser Permanente

Spark NLP in action talk presented with collaboration from Kaiser Permanente

Natural Language Understanding at Scale with Spark Native NLP, Spark ML & TensorFlow with Alex Thomas

In French

XebiCon'18 - Spark NLP, un an après

Par Aurore De Amaral, Data Engineer chez Xebia


Building a Natural Language Processing Library for Apache Spark

In this O'Reilly Data Show Podcast, Ben Lorica spoke with David Talby of Pacific.AI on a new NLP library for Spark, and why model development starts after a model gets deployed to production…