Spark NLP in Action

Spark NLP for Healthcare Split & Clean Medical Text
Spell checking for clinical documents
Automatically identify from clinical documents using our pretrained Spark NLP model ner_bionlp.
Detect sentences in healthcare documents
Automatically detect sentences in noisy healthcare documents with our pretrained Sentence Splitter DL model.
Normalize medication-related phrases
Normalize medication-related phrases such as dosage, form and strength, as well as abbreviations in text and named entities extracted by NER models.
Link entities to Wikipedia pages
Automatically disambiguate people’s names based on their context and link them to corresponding Wikipedia pages using out of the box Spark NLP pretrained models.
Normalize Section Headers of the Visit Summary
This demo maps Section Headers of the clinical visit data to their normalized versions.
Extract Chunk Key Phrases
This demo shows how Chunk Key Phrases in medical texts can be extracted automatically using Spark NLP models.