The Tasks screen shows a list of all documents that have been imported into the current project. Each task has one of the following two statuses: completed(green) or incomplete(red).

The following information is available for each task:

  • creation date and user who added the task;
  • date when the last completion was created for the task;
  • the tags which were associated with the task;
  • the initials of the users that created completions for this task.


For projects that use labels from pre-trained Spark NLP models, the Annotation Lab offers the option to bootstrap the annotation project by automatically running the referred models and adding their results as predictions on the tasks.

This can be done using the Preannotate button on the upper right side of the Tasks screen. The status of the pre-annotation process can be checked either by pushing the Preannotate button again or by clicking on the Preannotation drop-down as shown below.

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