Import Documents


Once a new project is created and its configuration is saved, the user is redirected to the Import page. Here the user has multiple options for importing tasks.

Plain text file

When you upload a text file, a task will be created for each line of that file. In other words the text is split by the new line character and a new task is created for each line.

Json file

For bulk importing a list of documents you can use the json import option. The expected format is illustrated in the image below. It consists of a list of dictionaries, each with 2 keys-values pairs (“text” and “title”).

[{  "text": "Task text content.", "title":"Task title"}]

CSV, TSV file

When CSV / TSV formatted text file is used, column names are interpreted as task data keys:

Task text content, Task title
this is a first task, Colon Cancer.txt
this is a second task, Breast radiation therapy.txt
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