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When you login to the Annotation Lab, you will be presented with the list of available projects you have created (My Projects) or that have been shared with you (Shared With Me). Some basic information are shown for each project the total number of tasks and the creation date.

The list of projects can be sorted ascending or descending on the project creation date.

Project Grouping

As the number of projects can grow significantly over time, for an easier management and organization of those, the Annotation Lab allows project grouping. As such, it is possible to assign a project to an existing group or to a new group. Each group can be assigned a color which will be used to highlight projects included in that group. Once a project is assigned to a group, the group name proceeds the name of the project. At any time a project can be remove from one group and added to another group.

The list of visible projects can be filtered based on group name, or using the search functionality which applies to both group name and project name.

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