package storage

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Type Members

  1. trait Database extends Serializable
  2. trait HasConnection extends AutoCloseable
  3. trait HasExcludableStorage extends Params
  4. trait HasStorage extends HasStorageRef with HasExcludableStorage with HasCaseSensitiveProperties
  5. trait HasStorageModel extends HasStorageReader with HasExcludableStorage
  6. trait HasStorageReader extends HasStorageRef with HasCaseSensitiveProperties
  7. trait HasStorageRef extends ParamsAndFeaturesWritable
  8. final class RocksDBConnection extends AutoCloseable
  9. trait StorageBatchWriter[A] extends StorageWriter[A]
  10. trait StorageFormat extends Enumeration
  11. case class StorageLocator(database: String, storageRef: String, sparkSession: SparkSession) extends Product with Serializable
  12. trait StorageReadWriter[A] extends StorageWriter[A]
  13. trait StorageReadable[T <: HasStorageModel with HasFeatures] extends ParamsAndFeaturesReadable[T]
  14. trait StorageReader[A] extends HasConnection
  15. trait StorageWriter[A] extends HasConnection

Value Members

  1. object Database extends Serializable
  2. object HasStorageRef extends Serializable
  3. object RocksDBConnection
  4. object StorageHelper
  5. object StorageLocator extends Serializable