package pretrained

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Type Members

  1. case class PretrainedPipeline(downloadName: String, lang: String = "en", source: String = ResourceDownloader.publicLoc, parseEmbeddingsVectors: Boolean = false, diskLocation: Option[String] = None) extends Product with Serializable
  2. case class RepositoryMetadata(metadataFile: String, repoFolder: String, version: String, lastMetadataDownloaded: Timestamp, metadata: List[ResourceMetadata]) extends Product with Serializable

    Describes state of repository Repository could be any s3 folder that has metadata.json describing list of resources inside

  3. trait ResourceDownloader extends AnyRef
  4. case class ResourceMetadata(name: String, language: Option[String], libVersion: Option[Version], sparkVersion: Option[Version], readyToUse: Boolean, time: Timestamp, isZipped: Boolean = false, category: Option[ResourceType] = Some(ResourceType.NOT_DEFINED), checksum: String = "") extends Product with Serializable
  5. case class ResourceRequest(name: String, language: Option[String] = None, folder: String = ResourceDownloader.publicLoc, libVersion: Version = ResourceDownloader.libVersion, sparkVersion: Version = ResourceDownloader.sparkVersion) extends Product with Serializable
  6. class S3ResourceDownloader extends ResourceDownloader with AutoCloseable

Value Members

  1. object PretrainedPipeline extends Serializable
  2. object PythonResourceDownloader
  3. object ResourceDownloader
  4. object ResourceMetadata extends Serializable
  5. object ResourceType extends Enumeration