package nlp

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Type Members

  1. case class Annotation(annotatorType: String, begin: Int, end: Int, result: String, metadata: Map[String, String], embeddings: Array[Float] = Array.emptyFloatArray) extends Product with Serializable

    represents annotator's output parts and their details

    represents annotator's output parts and their details


    the type of annotation


    the index of the first character under this annotation


    the index after the last character under this annotation


    associated metadata for this annotation

  2. abstract class AnnotatorApproach[M <: Model[M]] extends Estimator[M] with HasInputAnnotationCols with HasOutputAnnotationCol with HasOutputAnnotatorType with DefaultParamsWritable with CanBeLazy

    This class should grow once we start training on datasets and share params For now it stands as a dummy placeholder for future reference

  3. abstract class AnnotatorModel[M <: Model[M]] extends Model[M] with RawAnnotator[M] with CanBeLazy

    This trait implements logic that applies nlp using Spark ML Pipeline transformers Should strongly change once UsedDefinedTypes are allowed

  4. trait CanBeLazy extends AnyRef
  5. class Chunk2Doc extends AnnotatorModel[Chunk2Doc] with HasSimpleAnnotate[Chunk2Doc]
  6. class Doc2Chunk extends Model[Doc2Chunk] with RawAnnotator[Doc2Chunk]

    Created by saif on 06/07/17.

  7. class DocumentAssembler extends Transformer with DefaultParamsWritable with HasOutputAnnotatorType with HasOutputAnnotationCol
  8. class EmbeddingsFinisher extends Transformer with DefaultParamsWritable
  9. class FeaturesReader[T <: HasFeatures] extends MLReader[T]
  10. class FeaturesWriter[T] extends MLWriter with HasFeatures
  11. class Finisher extends Transformer with DefaultParamsWritable
  12. trait HasBatchedAnnotate[M <: Model[M]] extends AnyRef
  13. trait HasCaseSensitiveProperties extends ParamsAndFeaturesWritable
  14. trait HasFeatures extends AnyRef
  15. trait HasInputAnnotationCols extends Params
  16. trait HasOutputAnnotationCol extends Params
  17. trait HasOutputAnnotatorType extends AnyRef
  18. trait HasPretrained[M <: PipelineStage] extends AnyRef
  19. trait HasRecursiveFit[M <: Model[M]] extends AnyRef

    AnnotatorApproach'es may extend this trait in order to allow RecursivePipelines to include intermediate steps trained PipelineModel's

  20. trait HasRecursiveTransform[M <: Model[M]] extends AnyRef
  21. trait HasSimpleAnnotate[M <: Model[M]] extends AnyRef
  22. case class JavaAnnotation(annotatorType: String, begin: Int, end: Int, result: String, metadata: Map[String, String], embeddings: Array[Float] = Array.emptyFloatArray) extends Product with Serializable
  23. class LightPipeline extends AnyRef
  24. trait ParamsAndFeaturesReadable[T <: HasFeatures] extends DefaultParamsReadable[T]
  25. trait ParamsAndFeaturesWritable extends DefaultParamsWritable with Params with HasFeatures
  26. trait RawAnnotator[M <: Model[M]] extends Model[M] with ParamsAndFeaturesWritable with HasOutputAnnotatorType with HasInputAnnotationCols with HasOutputAnnotationCol

    Created by jose on 25/01/18.

  27. class RecursivePipeline extends Pipeline
  28. class RecursivePipelineModel extends Model[RecursivePipelineModel] with MLWritable with Logging
  29. class TokenAssembler extends AnnotatorModel[TokenAssembler] with HasSimpleAnnotate[TokenAssembler]

Value Members

  1. object Annotation extends Serializable
  2. object AnnotatorType
  3. object Chunk2Doc extends DefaultParamsReadable[Chunk2Doc] with Serializable
  4. object Doc2Chunk extends DefaultParamsReadable[Doc2Chunk] with Serializable
  5. object DocumentAssembler extends DefaultParamsReadable[DocumentAssembler] with Serializable
  6. object EmbeddingsFinisher extends DefaultParamsReadable[EmbeddingsFinisher] with Serializable
  7. object Finisher extends DefaultParamsReadable[Finisher] with Serializable
  8. object SparkNLP
  9. object TokenAssembler extends DefaultParamsReadable[TokenAssembler] with Serializable
  10. object functions