package btm

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Type Members

  1. class BigTextMatcher extends AnnotatorApproach[BigTextMatcherModel] with HasStorage
  2. class BigTextMatcherModel extends AnnotatorModel[BigTextMatcherModel] with HasSimpleAnnotate[BigTextMatcherModel] with HasStorageModel

    Extracts entities out of provided phrases

  3. trait ReadablePretrainedBigTextMatcher extends StorageReadable[BigTextMatcherModel] with HasPretrained[BigTextMatcherModel]
  4. class TMEdgesReadWriter extends TMEdgesReader with StorageReadWriter[Int]
  5. class TMEdgesReader extends StorageReader[Int]
  6. class TMNodesReader extends StorageReader[TrieNode]
  7. class TMNodesWriter extends StorageBatchWriter[TrieNode]
  8. class TMVocabReadWriter extends TMVocabReader with StorageReadWriter[Int]
  9. class TMVocabReader extends StorageReader[Int]
  10. case class TrieNode(pi: Int, isLeaf: Boolean, length: Int, lastLeaf: Int) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object BigTextMatcher extends DefaultParamsReadable[BigTextMatcher] with Serializable
  2. object BigTextMatcherModel extends ReadablePretrainedBigTextMatcher with Serializable