Assertion DL Clinical Embeddings


Assertion of Clinical Entities based on Deep Learning Deep learning named entity recognition model for assertions

Predicted Entities

hypothetical, present, absent, possible, conditional, associated_with_someone_else

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How to use

model = AssertionDLModel.pretrained("assertion_dl","en","clinical/models")\
val model = AssertionDLModel.pretrained("assertion_dl","en","clinical/models")

Model Information

Name: assertion_dl  
Type: AssertionDLModel  
Compatibility: Spark NLP 2.4.0+  
License: Licensed  
Edition: Official  
Input labels: [document, chunk, word_embeddings]  
Output labels: [assertion]  
Language: en  
Case sensitive: False  
Dependencies: embeddings_clinical  

Data Source

Trained on 2010 i2b2/VA challenge on concepts, assertions, and relations in clinical text with embeddings_clinical